Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Each morning, if it's a clear day, the rising orange sun paints the sky. Abby and I climb down the stairs with bedhead when she wakes up and we ask each other what colour the sky is this morning. "Hmmm, PIMK!" she'll exclaim. We eat breakfast and then as the sun moves up and across the sky, it passes through the stained glass on our front door window and casts rainbows across the kitchen walls. We love finding rainbows.
Each day, when Abby wakes up from her afternoon nap, I open the curtains and we turn our heads up to the ceiling. There, we see rainbows. She has a Swarovski bouquet of tulips on her windowsill and the prism sends rainbows all over her room.
She delights in finding them and I do too. It's very magical and makes us both feel enchanted and close to a secret fairy world.
God bless little girls and the imagination they spark in their mothers.

1 comment:

  1. sweet :O)
    I love your stories about you and Abby. Miss you guys! xox


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