Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Phase Two

I had an update with the naturopath today, and I felt the timing was great: My body seems to be much stronger, and I feel a healthy difference. But my mind? Not so healthy. I wanted to ask her what I could do to help me get through the rough days, or how to alleviate the pattern of "happy-accepting-hopeful-BOOM: disappointed-sad-pain."
She could tell I was skirting the issue when she asked how I was feeling, and I could feel myself start to chicken out from saying anything. I don't like making myself vulnerable and burdensome to anyone- I'm a natural people-pleaser. Thankfully, she didn't ask me to go into detail (I especially detest crying in front of people), but she got enough out of me to gather I am in a bit of a low.
She asked what I thought of acupuncture. I'd received it before when I would get unexplained bouts of tiredness, and it really helped re-balance my chi (which I know sounds hockey, I know, but when you feel it get rebalanced, boy do you feel it). So we tried that today. She hit a few points meant to trigger strength, fertility and emotional calm. When she put the acupuncture needles in and left the room, I immediately felt all weepy, which was strange, but then I could feel a calm blanket me and I was much warmer.
She also gave me a shot of B12 in my arm. I felt like a spastic celebrity getting some new "all-the-rage" treatment, but in fact I can already feel the benefits. It bypasses the gut, so all the nutrients immediately get to work in the bloodstream. She said it was meant to give my metabolism a quick boost, help my body start absorbing iron much more effectively, and give me energy to start feeling better, emotionally.
We also went through my big bag of supplements I brought with me. We laid them all out on the counter and agreed we needed to simplify. Now that my body is much stronger (as is evidenced by my better complexion colour, healthier tongue, heightened energy, and improved lady system business), I don't need to start my day with a veritable pharmacy operation.
Now I am "only" taking:
1- a B12-folic acid-Iron supplement
2- a tincture she created to help nurture my uterus and get it all ready to foster healthy embryo growth
3- Calcium-Magnesium
4- Evening Primrose Oil(for two weeks on, two weeks off)
5-Omega 3 fish oil
6- Vitamin E.
I was a little hesitant to cut out my prenatal vitamin, but she assured me that with the supplements I'm taking and the healthy eating plan I've been on, my body's needs are being met.
Either way, I'm glad to be done phase one (operation:make stronger) and onto phase two (operation:get pregnant and stay that way). She impressed upon me what a big deal the discovery of my low iron blood test results are: She said if my iron levels have been that low since I delivered Abby (and they could have been, since you lose a lot of your nutrients that way and through breastfeeding), that could be why I've miscarried every time since then.
Wow. All this time I've been researching all kinds of solutions and wondering what could have changed inside me. I mean, something has to be different now, I figured, then before I had Abby. And this could be it.
I mean, if I get pregnant and hold onto it, I'll never truly know if it's because my iron levels were boosted back up to normal, or if it's just coincidence. Or, if my next pregnancy ends in a bust, then maybe the iron helped and maybe it didn't.
But today I have more hope than ever before. I really feel like we've solved a major riddle, and now it's up to me to take my iron pills, gorge on steak and molasses (very high in iron!), and see if this is it. I feel like it makes sense, and my naturopath impressed upon me how vital iron levels are to creating and sustaining a healthy pregnancy.
I am definitely feeling renewed, hopeful and all chi-balanced out tonight.


  1. Yay! That's wonderful, Sarah!

    Chi doesn't sound hokey to me at all -- I grew up with it, and I *know* what it feels like when I eat too many nuts and chocolates and there's too much "hot" chi.

    Glad you're feeling balanced and hopeful. *hugs*

  2. hooray, you had a glow about you today that I hadn't seen in a long time. I am glad you are getting better in body and spirit. Don't forget, Black Strap Molasses is the best one for iron and it's amazing on bread with butter. It's a Newfoundland favorite

  3. I have been giddy going through all the delicious things I can make with molasses!!Mmm! That should make up for grossy liver!


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