Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I've been everywhere, man

I'm back from my blog hiatus! I really thought I've find a chance here and there to sit and collect my thoughts on here but truly I have not stopped! My cousins and their little boy were a tornado of fun!
We went to Skagway, Alaska one Sunday to start things off. It is a majestic drive, and always leaves me feeling so minute among such gigantic god-like mountains.
We went to a cabin at Rainbow Lake (where the header picture is from!) and while w had some snafu's getting in (I am far too embarrassed to elaborate), we were greeted by the most beautiful winter scenery in the world. I cannot imagine there's anywhere else as serene, inspiring and beautiful. We wake up in a tiny wood cabin on a cliff over a frozen lake, in the bottom of a bowl of mountains high enough to pierce the very atmosphere, it seems.
We went tobogganing, ice skating outside, swimming in the hot springs, and out on a hike in the woods at midnight to watch the northern lights across the sky (and under this Super Moon everyone's been talking about).
I felt very proud of the place I live, and very excited about winter again after showing it off to new visitors. That's saying a lot, because we are one month six of winter up here and it's getting a little tiresome! It is getting warmer as the days stretch much longer, so there's literal light at the end of the tunnel. Not spring by any stretch, but we're getting there!
I had fun reconnecting with them, staying in watching classic comedies (anyone else love Dirty Rotten Scoundrels as much as me?), playing board games and making meals. What else says family lovin' more than a busy kitchen full of pots bubbling, music playing, people in each other's way and food everywhere?
I am so thankful they took their travel time to come up here and now I am glad for a rest again! Now there's a warm bed and a cup of chamomile tea calling my name, asking me to rest and recuperate from a busy schedule of being a Yukon ambassador.

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