Monday, March 28, 2011

Her Little Voice

Abby has found her voice.
Not her noise-making voice. She found that when she was approximately 2.8 seconds old and hasn't stopped. She has found her singer-songwriter's voice, and I count myself among the privileged to hear her works in progress on a daily basis.
For instance, she can hit most of the letters in the alphabet song. I love hearing her whisper-y innocent voice singing A,B,C,D,F,G,Q,R,S,T,V,W,X,Y and Z. "Now know A-B-Cs, sing me!"
That's not the right way to sing the song, I know. But that's what she sings, she's putting her own spin on it just like the American Idol judges tell the singers to.
I am a big fan of Abby's random beat poetry. She looks around her and puts her observations into song.
"Purple box, mommy, cat meow, ye-yo, up and a tree." Ye-yo refers to oatmeal, not the illegal white substance. She is pretty street, though.
It means she notices songs on the radio, picks out her favourite part and sings it, loud and proud.
Finding her voice means she can now sing when she's happy and she knows it. Instead of being overwhelmed by a skew of vocabulary going through her head a mile a minute, she can now slow down and put it all to song, as opposed to following me around with verbal diarrhea.
Oh, be still my beating heart, I just caught her singing to her cat and making it (him? her?) dance.
She is a musical freakin genius. Watch out. I am so proud. Hmm, maybe instead of watching out for her hurricane of talent you should be more weary of her ridiculously enthusiastic stage mom.


  1. They always seem to find the best lyrics from the music you listen to... we were listening to the Ninja song by the Barenaked Ladies.. now my little one sings "Ninjas are deadly and silent, they are also unspeakably violent" at playgroup.. yeah I'm mom of the year :o)

  2. Awww! I cannot wait to hear her sing a song!

    Moosegirl- thank goodness my kids aren't the only ones repeating that line!!!


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