Saturday, February 26, 2011

Warming: Contents too cool for school

The lifestyle changes/naturo-prescriptions I have been having the most fun with has been warmth: creating it, maintaining it, surrounding myself with it. I have been diagnosed as having a cool problem. At first, I hoped that meant I was, in fact, too cool for school. Unfortunately, the Chinese don't have medcine for that problem. (I bet MC Hammer does, though) They do, however, believe a person can be too cool, and in need of warming to achieve optimal health.
So, right now, it is the middle of an 8-month Yukon winter. Cold is the name of the game. It is the essence of my existence. I wear a parka when I leave the house, I have a butt-warmer in my car seat, and I only leave the house in the afternoons for the free benefit of fresh air and giving Abby something fun to do.
Warming myself means I'm on a mission to follow Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine's doctrines of warmth: teas, spices, soups and blankies. The idea is if my body is given foods that don't require the extra energy of being warmed up to the body's internal temperature, the nutrients can be absorbed more efficiently. The warming spices are supposed to help my wonky spleen too: bonus! The theory also advises that I super-chew my food so it's all ready to be pureed internally and absorbed into my bloodstream. Not a very appealing image, but all in the name of warming me.
So, I'm drinking lots of decaf, white and rooibos chai teas, slurping lots of soups, adding cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and garlic into lots of foods, and taking the doctor's orders to curl up under a blanket this afternoon as opposed to freeze my skinny legs off at Rendezvous any longer. I'm also trying to really put more effort into doing yoga: circulation, of course, being most helpful in warming me!
I must say my favourite way to be warmed is to curl up next to Rich, with Abby on my lap while we both take sips of hot apple cider.


  1. Have you been prescribed silkie chickens? They're little black chickens, even smaller than Cornish hens, and you can find them at Superstore in the frozen meat section. They're supposed to be very "warming" in the Chinese sense. I have some silkie chicken soup in my freezer, if you'd like a sampling. :)

  2. Thanks Fawn! I'll take the recipe! But promise me first it doesnt taste disgusting, OK?

  3. I think I have the opposite problem- I am always too hot!


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