Sunday, February 20, 2011

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Part of our morning rituals is to run over to the front bay windows (Abby doesn't walk anywhere. It's run, dance or jump), and we tell each other what we see.
"Clouds?" Abby asks about the plumes of puffy white smoke billowing out of the chimneys. "No, smoke."
"Orange clouds!" I exclaim and she repeats, noting the beautiful sunrise across the sky in front of us.
"Cars," she says, and I am so grateful to be in a nice cozy home and not an icebox of a car on my way to work.
Each time she asks about the moon, wondering where it is. Sometimes we see it, sometimes we don't, or we have to go to another window to check it out.
I write this down to commit to recorded word what a fascinating place the world outside our windows is, as experienced through motherhood. I am in love with re-discovering it all through little blue eyes that have never experienced it before. I am excited to explain space and stars to her when she is older, and watch the fascination spread across her face as it once did mine. I am curious to see if she'll remember grass and bunnies and leaves on trees from last summer, which seems so long ago.
When she's not in the throes of teething or trying out a new manipulation technique involving whining, Abby is completely fascinating and entertaining. I love these days.
This is the parenthood I imagined while her little body grew in my belly. I looked forward to sitting at Starbucks with her sharing a cake and good conversation. I smiled deep and warm as I rubbed my swollen belly, imagining her beside me in the kitchen standing on a chair to reach the bowl, us wearing matching aprons.
I fully appreciate that her family, her home is her whole world. I take great pride and am deeply honoured to be the one entrusted with showing her the ropes, helping her discover. I am feeling motherhood deep in my veins and subconscious, and it feels like home.


  1. You are a wonderful mama Sarah. Abby is so very luck to have you to show her the world and to create a warm and cozy home for her.


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