Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not so cheesy

Curiosity spawns my creativity, but there are times when it is my bane.
Scene: Me in my sweatpants, sweatshirt, ponytail, brushed teeth and bags under my eyes in front of my computer. All the lights are off and I'm sitting with my face less than a foot from the screen, because it is dark.
Mission: Google symptoms to decipher what they mean, even though I have an appointment with the naturopath less than 12 hours later. Answers are desired now.
Answers: Either I am pregnant (no), have contracted chlamydia (oh goodness no), or have early onset cervical cancer (let's hope not!)
This whole late-night scene did not lend itself to a particularly restful sleep last night. Thankfully, as I mentioned, I had a naturopath appointment today.
Good news: I don't think I have any kind of cancer. I am not so much of worrier that I actually thought I did, but I know the big C is not to be taken lightly either. Google medical diagnoses, on the other hand, are definitely to be taken lightly.
My naturopath's interpretation of my most recent recover-from-miscarriage symptoms was that there is still some hormonal balancing to be done. The last two weeks saw my get back to feeling energetic and healthy, which was a very welcome change from lethargic, sad and sick.
Now, we're kicking it into high gear as we move towards the battlefield in Operation:Make a healthy baby.
Her thinking on this case derives from Chinese medicine principles, specifically that of my spleen chi. It is off. I know that sounds hockey and irresponsible for me to just accept at face value. Heck, how would I know if my spleen's out of whack unless it explodes inside me in the middle of a tobogganing run? But I am trusting this doc as having way more knowledge and, more importantly, experience in understanding the body's functions trough an alternative set of eyes. So my spleen's wonky.
That means that I am continuing to make some adjustments to my lifestyle. I can't say changes because, let's face it, I am a Libra and am all about balances, compromises and variety. Plus, wouldn't a life without cheese in it be really, really lame?
My homework is as follows:
- Take these supplements every day: Probiotic, B6, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Daily Multivitamin, Calcium-Magnesium, Omega 3 Fish Oil, and a Chinese Herbal supplement with ginseng and longan.
- Have one dairy-free day a week. I am supposed to cut down on the main allergens: wheat, dairy, eggs, sugar, soy and corn (corn? who knew?), but she identified dairy as a particular balance thrower-offer of mine. She gave me a helpful list of alternate sources of calcium, ranking those with the highest concentrations of it for me in a nice list format (I heart lists!). This is helpful because I am super afraid of getting into any habit that denies me one type of food or nutrient without being careful to replace it adequately somewhere else.
- Make these weird things called Snack Balls (seriously! I'm going to eat balls!), as a tasty way to get a bunch of healthy fats and nuts/seeds into me. They're essentially a nut or seed butter (tahini or almond butter. Hmm, I wonder if hazelnut Nutella counts?), mixed with maple syrup, ground flax, pumpkin, sesame and/or sunflower seed, ginger, cinnamon, cocoa and dried fruit. Then the ingredients are shaped into balls. Balls! Man, will I ever reach a point in life where that doesn't make me giggle?
-Find a milk alternative that I can start integrating into my life. I can choose between rice milk, almond milk, hemp milk. Are there any other kinds of milk I'm missing? I bought some vanilla-flavoured rice milk to splat into my teas and cereal, so I'll give that a go-round.
This homework I can handle. Baby steps, right? I think she knows too that if she ever requires me to stop eating cheese altogether I would immediately rise, dramatically flip over her office desk and storm out chanting "Vive la fromage!"
The other consideration here is that whatever I eat, Abby eats. And I'm not about to go eliminating food sources she needs without being extra super careful to ensure she's getting it somewhere else. I know it would be asking a lot for her to stop drinking milk but instead eat a big bunch of kale to make up for it. I know her, and the kid who flips her lid about wearing the wrong tights with her butterfly dress would become seriously deficient if required to eat her calcium and protein in the form of leafy greens and nuts.
So, that's where we're at. And I can stop letting my curiosity get the better of me, at least tonight, because I am on my way to getting healthy and balanced.
Dr. Google:0 Naturopath:1

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  1. ahahahahah Every part of this post made me laugh!!

    And it makes me want to check out a naturalpath.... maybe I will get prescribed balls too...ahahhhahah


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