Saturday, January 1, 2011

Turn the page

2010 was a big huge year for our family. I am so proud of what we did, and how tight we hold each other coming out of it. Into a new year with new adventures, big hopes, a little fear of the unknown and wide-open calendars to fill with Yukon adventures.
Last year we bought our first home, watched Abby turn 1, lost a pregnancy, saw my Dad remarry, traveled home, went on our first family vacation to the beach in Maine, felt the reality of Rich's job hit home as a dear friend lost her husband, had family and friends come visit, saw many babies enter our lives, I went to Vegas for my 25th, and we settled into a routine of shift work balanced with toddler life.
It was up and down, just the way life is meant to be. Because in the cry-our-eyes-out moments we learned how to lean on each other, and to realize how out of our control some things are. We learned to suck the marrow out of life during Yukon summer and dance to Rihanna videos with a zany toddler.
We greeted the new year with family, sparkly wine, a movie, a board game and a countdown with hugs and kisses.
Happy new year, let's see what's coming at us!

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