Friday, January 7, 2011

Sharing a shower

Today's cure for boredom was taking a normal, everyday activity and sharing it with Abby to see what fun we could get up to!
After dinner I was feeling like there was too much to do before I was allowed to put my feet up at the end of the night. How could I shorten my list? Well, maybe if I combine my shower with Abby's bath, that would help?
I brought her hooded towel down and had her toothbrush, vitamins and toothpaste lined up on the counter. We went upstairs together and got nekkid. I slung my housecoat on and motioned to Abby to follow me downstairs.
"Abby housecoat?" She ran to her room, bouncing quickly (the way only a naked toddler can) and I helped her put on her pink housecoat, matching her mama's. All was well with her then, looking like her mama and we went downstairs to the fancy bathroom. (Not the kid one! What a treat!)
I turned the shower on, hung up our robes side by side, and we stepped in. She shrieked! She laughed, cried, "wee hee!" She squinted with the water mist bouncing off my body and spraying onto hers. I had such a blast watching her exhilaration and glee in the adventure of the shower. She accidentally turned off the water, so I showed her how it all worked, turned it on, and we continued with our fun. She got to have mama's big girl shampoo and conditioner rubbed in her hair, and we both used my fancy loofah to suds up.
Dad checked in on us, after hearing screams and laughter from all the way upstairs. We turned the shower off, and I wrapped my towel around my head, turban-style.
"Abby hat?"
We put Abby's baby towel hoodie over her head too, just like mama.
We both dried off and rubbed some of my shea butter cream over our clean, steamed skin. She put her deodorant on, just like mama. She tried some of my Lush face cream on her rosy cheeks. She wanted to do everything just like her mama did, and I was beaming proud and in love.
I had so much fun sharing that with her, knowing it was all such a special treat to use my creams and lotions, stand in a shower with me, and be as much like me as she could.
Plus, I'm sure the conditioner will do wonders on her crazy wild curls!

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  1. So sweet! We shower with our girls, too. Jade's not so into it anymore, but Halia loves it and would shower twice each day if we let her!


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