Monday, January 17, 2011

Sad Days

It's too much for me to get into in such a public forum, but I will share that I recently miscarried for the third time. I can't NOT share this, as it's occupying about 90% of my thoughts and daily doings these days. I have written some stuff out privately, and been able to get my grief out in some creative and standard ways, but I feel like I need to hold the details of our loss close to my heart, because that's where they belong. I know sharing more could help others relate, but I also know there are a ton of resources online, just ask Google.
This is a bit of what our house has felt like while we hibernate in cold weather, during sad days, holding tight as a family:
- Pulling the kitchen chair up to the counter so Abby can climb up and look at the beautiful flowers sent from loving friends and family. She loves pointing out the colours, and noticing the petals.
- Drinking lots of red raspberry leaf tea.
- Watching Season 1 of Modern Family on DVD with Rich. It's an awesome distraction to laugh these days, and this show makes it too hard not to.
- Leaving jammies on, hair unkept, makeup off.
- Making good use of wool blankies and soft surfaces to cuddle on.


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