Monday, January 10, 2011

Reccommended Reading Club

I know a book is going to be rich when I trade watching more episodes of Intervention (my fave!) for free on Netflix for sitting in a bath, curled up on the couch, or in bed reading said book.
I decided 2011 is the year of reading recommendations, and so I am starting with one suggested a few months back by my new mama friend up here. It's called The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, and it was a NY Times bestseller when it came out in 1997. Now, I'm going to be totally honest and tell you I requested it for Christmas without even seeing what it was about. My friend perused the titles on my book shelf, assured that I would love The Red Tent based on my other enjoyed titles, and I surrendered all logic to her suggestion. When it arrived in the mail, I wasn't even lucky enough to get a synopsis of the book's plot on the back jacket, only reviews. So I curled up last night and began reading this curious book with a forlorn-looking lady on the front.
I am a prologue, and a chapter and a half in and I'm fascinated. It seems to be a fictional history (though loosely based on actual family trees and suggested happenings from historical literature). I usually loathe historical drama for bedside reading. This is the story of how women's lives are passed to each other and down the generations through tales told in the red tents of their middle eastern societies. The red tent is when women would all join together for about five days each month, if you squeamish readers catch my drift. Women would also stay in them during and after birth until they healed.
I think what draws me in so far (since it is history, and with strange names) is how relevant and beautiful it is to reflect on the bonds of women millenia ago, and remark upon how little has changed in them. Their exist the same jealousies, cliques, worries, fears that women in circles share today.
I'll let you know what I think once I've turned the last page, but so far operation:read only recommended books is a go!


  1. I read that book a few years ago and it's a bit fuzzy in my memory now. I remember being attracted to it because I was in a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and this story is related in that it (fictionally, of course) tells the story of Joseph's sister, Dinah.

    I didn't expect it to be warm or fuzzy... and it's a good thing I didn't! I'll be interested in your final review.

  2. Well I will have to see if our library will bring it in. I am always looking for new books to read!


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