Monday, January 31, 2011

It's her party, I can cry if I want to!

Abby's birthday climaxed for me at this point: All the adults shuffled into the kitchen and made sure their kids were behaving and seated properly at the table. People were elbow-to-elbow and moving from Abby's booster seat to the counter with the candle and lighter involved some high leg lifts and manoeuvrings. I picked up two pink wax candles and thought to myself a frightening thought: "Oh, there are two candles. Last year there was just one. My girl is two!" As I squirmed my way over to the buffet with the bunny cake, I had tears in my eyes. I kept my head down, lit those suckers and turned to face the crowd, including the beaming face of my little girl. Everyone started to sing but me. I had to mouth the words. If I uttered a sound it would immediately lead to a shaky-voice song and then a full-out bawl. My little girl is two!
I placed the cake in front of her and she kept repeating, "Wow! Wow!" She smiled so her fat little cheeks rose high up to her eyes. When the song was done, all her little friends leaned in, elbows and arms and bodies across the table as she huffed and puffed and (with a little help from everyone) blew out her candles.
I gave er a big kiss, plucked out the candles and let her have at it. The cake was hers to demolish, and boy did she. Ten minutes in and that bunny was massacred by a demented surgeon with a hankering for sugar.
It was a fantastically chaotic, crazy loud party with high energy: just what I had wanted for her. She enjoyed herself, and I made it through another rite of passage in tact, full of a great love for the little girl who started as an idea, became a kicking mystery in my belly, slipped out as a needy baby girl with distinct personality, and grew into a curly-haired feisty little lady I can call my own.


  1. I love it!

    Happy Birthday Abby!

    And I am so glad I am not the only mama who tears up when the candles are lit.

  2. I heard you whimper when you brought over the two candles. Abby's party with perfect and I can't emphasize enough what a fantastic, brilliant, funny, and beautiful little girl you two have raised.


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