Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Our house is buzzing with a crescendo of a hum. The furnace is on, yes, but this hum tickles the backs of our necks and gives Abby a desire to run laps around the kitchen. There's a birthday coming up, a celebration of the day our family grew and changed forever. The excitement is building, plans have been laid, cute invitations have been sent out. My little girl is blossoming into a two-year-old and that is certainly worth hanging streamers, baking a cake and inviting friends over to sing to the little lady who makes our hearts swell.
I am not (yet?) into party themes and using a bag of icing with a special tip to decorate her cake. It will be simple, it will be pretty and there will be a hum passed from guest to guest as we all celebrate the day she slipped out of one world and into this one. Abby's life is truly worth celebrating, and who doesn't love a reason to eat cake?
She has taught me this year how to be patient, letting much more beauty and peace rush in through the windows of our home and warm us. She has shown me how irreplaceable, special and rare she is. She's my little baby who beat the odds to be here, I now know; a running hug from her is a miracle. She has shown me how fascinating her surroundings (my surroundings) are when you get down and notice them, really observe them for the first time. She has shown me the value of routine in our days, an identifiable rhythm to our mornings, noons and nights together. She has given our family two focal points at which to direct our love: her growing soul and the foundation between Rich and I that started it all.
Abby's birthday is her day to shine, to be re-welcomed to the world with great enthusiasm and laughter and joy. But it is also, quietly, a day for Rich and I to celebrate the great gift of parenthood we've been given. We'll clink glasses together after she's gone to sleep and celebrate our accomplishments in the last two years: surviving newborn colic, raising a baby in the isolated north with no resources but our own wits, family firsts, Abby's first steps, Abby's first stomach bug, our very first house, and the wonder of watching her hands and feet introduce her to the world.
I love me a good birthday celebration, and this is the most important birthday in my world. It's Abby's birthday, and the day I became a mama.

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  1. Oh Sarah,....why do you have to make me cry when I ever I read your posts....this may be the most beautiful one yet.
    Abby IS a miracle and gift...full of joy!
    I'll be thinking of you all as you celebrate her special day.


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