Friday, December 17, 2010

Whitehorse Christmas thus far

There are things that make any place definitely "Christmas in ___." At home, a Christmas in Ottawa for me isn't complete without strolling through St. Laurent centre doing last-minute shopping and picking up a non-nutritious snack, like Laura Secord's ice cream, to eat.
In Whitehorse, the small nature of the city means there are a few more kitschy things that most of us can identify with. My favourite, I think, is the Christmas garbage truck. I've seen it every year. I was beginning to think maybe the driver died because I didn't see him yet this year and then a few days ago I almost caused an accident when I reached my arm across the dashboard, obstructing Rich's driving view, to yell, "THERE IT IS!!!" It is, simply, a garbage truck with Christmas lights strewn all over it.
Christmas traditions in Whitehorse have also started to include seeing the city's big band play Christmas tunes at the government building (I've now taken Abby twice!), the Santa parade on Main Street, sampling candy cane fudge and Midnight Sun Gallery, and wearing a Santa hat when I take Skylar for a walk.
It also means being on Main Street. Christmas there is just how I imagined it would be in a smaller town. I was excited to do this before I even moved up and knew what it looked like. The streets are lined with lights, and the eye is drawn to the foot of Main were there stands a super tall, decorated spruce Christmas tree. This year, Abby and I saw city trucks pulling it down 1st Ave towards Main Street, and I got us all excited because we were among the first to see The Tree! The stores all have outdoor speakers that play the local radio station's (mostly) Christmas music, the store window displays are wonderfully festive, and I just live for the feeling of walking along the sidewalk, pleased as pie with all the perfect purchases I'd made for friends and family.
And tonight, I drove by a house nearby that has crazy seizure-inducing obnoxious Christmas lights flashing all over, but they're synced to a radio station you can hear from your car and it's hilarious! I was so into it! Abby will love it, we'll have to drive by again tomorrow. I also went to a Christmas party fundraiser for the food bank tonight at Starbucks and it had the most hilarious crowd of karaoke-singing Yukoners! There was an encore of "Grandma got run over by a Reindeer" and I knew it was time to leave before anyone else noticed my uncontrollable giggles.
I love the predictable routine of traditions, the comforting warmth of revisiting something fun, nutty or weird.


  1. me too. I keep saying that Main street is directly out of a quaint tv show like Gilmore Girls, it's almost too adorable to be real. The garbage truck, the big real tree, the craft fairs, the decorated houses...all of it just screams Christmas and I love it.

  2. Where is the house with the crazy lights? I so need to see it! I love driving around looking at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music!! The decorated garbage truck would be awesome to see as well. Candy cane fudge, I need to get me some!!! It is the most wonderful time of the year!! Denise


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