Sunday, December 12, 2010

What we see

I have a pretty easy time matching my thoughts and reflections with the right words most of the time, especially emotional girl stuff (as my husband calls it. He's not the wordsmith). But when it comes to describing the place I live, I have a hard time. I think most writers have a hard time describing the natural world around them. But when a writer really finds the right descriptors, it's perfect. Like Henry Thoreau or even Jon Krakauer.
I'm neither of those men, and I'm certainly not a seasoned, refined writer. So I often don't describe my surroundings here in writing. But it's worth noting, so I'll give it a try.
This time of year, most people want to know how dark it is. The sun comes up about 10 and sets by about 3:30. Between those times it gets about as bright as it does by 10:30 down south. That is to say, like dusk, squinty-bright, cloudy-skied permanently. It's not difficult for me, because there is still light in the day and dark at night. It's just not bright, and that does kind of bum me out. We try to get outside during daylight for what little sun-energy we can soak up.
But the payoff is that we are continually being treated with beautiful, long sunrises and sunsets. Against the backdrop of shooting, snowy mountains, pink and orange sunsets paint the sky. Sometimes the mountains looks like they are neon pink, and it's only 10:30 in the morning.
Or when Abby and I shovel the driveway after her nap in the afternoon, we see purple and pink and orange stripes soar across the big, tall sky, and it's all we can do to stop and wonder, mouths hanging open.
The colours are magnificent, and that's just the sky.
The jutting, god-like mountains and the wide, open space greet me daily during my walk with Skylar. That's my time to breathe the freshest air to ever hit my lungs, and notice the million-dollar landscapes around every corner.
Te space. The free, vast space. THAT is indescribable. If you want a taste, you'll have to come see for yourself on the cliff-side walks in the woods behind our house.

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  1. Oh Sarah, I'm so glad that you did a post like this. I've been thinking about it too...writing about the light and dark here in the Yukon. You did a beautiful job at describing it.


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