Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Striking the balance

Sometimes, if I'm lucky enough to notice, it all just falls into place. We get a day here at "#4 with the red door" where everything clicks, the tantrums number in the single-digits and I can almost feel the peace in the house, like static electricity running up and down my arms. Today, we got it. Abby and I just nailed our awesome, balanced day.
Here are some things that made it awesome:
- dancing across the living room to James Brown, bopping, jumping, twirling, clapping, and inviting various teddies and dolls to dance with us.
- Splitting a pre-cut mango (I was thinkin' ahead during nap time today!) for afternoon snack, deciding they should probably be re-named Gay-gos. Why not?
- Having a tea date with a renewed friend while our babies communicated via shaking heads, grunts and chasing each other
- Finding just enough time after our quick trip to the post office to duck into the free indoor jungle gym for a romp, which made Abby bounce-run away all her energy
- Finding a much cheaper alternative for ordering my contact lenses. Score one for sight AND looking good without crooked glasses!
- Skyping with my mom and sister while naked Abby showed off her rendition of the Head and Shoulders song. She's quite good at it, and I am proud.
- A lunchtime visit from Rich that perked up our day.
- Catching myself getting frustrated when the little voice in my head reminded me to be patient.
Now to end off my awesome day I'm going to try some baking, take a long, hot shower and wait for Rich to get home from work.

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