Friday, December 10, 2010

Comfort and Joy

Comfort in my house today means: Soft fleece housecoats (before they've been washed so much they pill), worn-in wool slippers, Christmas mugs filled with vanilla rooibos chai, having the right hats, mitts, parkas and long johns to enjoy the outdoors while staying warm, jammies in the morning (until we absolutely have to get dressed), sitting on the stairs to pet Goober before everyone's awake, an apple-scented candle, morning sun salutes, evening feet-up-the-wall poses to relieve the ache of standing all day, snuggling on the couch with Rich for a movie date, patting Abby's back saying, "there, there," when she's fallen and hurt her ego.

Joy today comes in the form of: Toblerone shortbread cookies, flipping the "__ days 'til Christmas" stand to read '14', Abby's terrible Santa picture (where she looks as forlorn as a toddler can), getting the option to pay yesterday's parking ticket with the donation of a canned good, icing a cake for a birthday party (and licking the spatula afterward), feeling the energy in the house rise as we get set for a party tonight, getting all my Christmas mail out and into the freight world, plans for breakfast out of the house, using the mistletoe in my doorway for its intended purpose.

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