Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas is Here!

Today, Christmas magic set in, in full force. I love when this happens! I may sound corny, trite, cheesy, and like every Christmas card out there, but I embrace that along with the season. It is something to hold onto, to celebrate every day. Christmas spirit puts an extra bounce in my step, makes my hugs a little tighter and makes my heart a little sing-songier.
A couple of days ago, a tragic house fire left friends of our without ANYTHING. Weeks before Christmas and days before one of their sons' birthday. I cried hard when I learned of it. It's just so awful. A few friends got things mobilized and now support, encouraging words and donations have begun pouring in from friends and strangers. And THAT makes my heart feel better. It makes me well up with tears to see the immediate generosity of so many people (especially the strangers!) that just want to help make this sad thing go away. I know its still tough days ahead for this family, but they are totally the kind of people who will recognize and appreciate the many blessings in their lives before letting the tough stuff defeat them. That is beautiful Christmas spirit at work.
Today my little family bundled up and drove down to our quaint Main Street to watch the Christmas parade. It was comically short (maybe 10 minutes? Tops?), and Abby was uncharacteristically silent, taking in all the lights, music, truck horns and sirens. It really was sensory overload, I can't blame her. If it's not too sappy to admit, I cried a little when Santa came RIGHT UP to her before the parade to wish her a Merry Christmas and ask her name. Abby had no idea what was what, but I insinuated all romantic holiday meanings in my head and got all mushy. Then we went to take pictures with im. She waited so patiently, and we had fun waiting games to play like 2-person ring around the rosie, walk along the velvet ropes (but not under!), and twirling. When it was her turn she was of course weirded out by my dumping her on Santa's lap. She didn't remember him from 20 minutes before and thought it was a little much. I can pick up her picture on Friday, but I'm pretty sure it will be of an unidentifiable little girl on Santa's lap with her balled up fists over her eyes.
Then it was to Tim Horton's for candy cane hot chocolates, and home. The Christmas magic continued when a UPS guy came (on a Saturday) to deliver Abby's big Christmas present in a big box. I am so excited to unwrap that box, assemble it, and then hide it away before its grand reveal Christmas morning! It really is a good thing I have a little girl because I am definitely excited enough for the both of us for Christmas to come.
Let it be known that for the next 20 days (according to my new Rudolph Christmas countdown calendar) I will be wearing my Santa hat, humming O Holy Night, and remembering there is no magic that makes all the baking I'm eating dissipate into thin air!

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