Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cabin Fever

It's been a week of cabin fever. The temperatures have been below 30 for days on end. The sun is low in the sky when it is up at all, and the full December moon makes me want to sleep. It's been the kind of week I named this blog after. The long, carefree days of sunny summer, and all the impromptu adventures of the outdoors that are limitless and stretch into night make it easy to fend off boredom. Now, any outdoor exposure is limited to 20-minute spurts of freezing driveway-shoveling, bundled in three layers, wearing furs and goose down and Vaseline on our exposed cheeks. Abby has no less energy than any other toddler and she is not built for containment indoors. We have been spending a week exercising our creative minds finding cures for boredom and cabin fever.
Let's face it, we've been watching movies and TV. I call it "hibernating" when we stay inside, act like sloths, eat crackers and raisins in front of whole, feature-length films. It is lazy and boring. And Abby's attention span doesn't parallel mine. Nor do her energy reserves. In fact, the scene is usually me lying on the couch and her bounding back and forth across the room, round and round making herself dizzy, jumping on and off the couch, bouncing on the dog, chasing her ball and practicing her upside-downs. Then when I don't play along, she gets cranky and whiny. The key is in maximizing my laziness while keeping her entertainined and knowing just when to switch activities before a boredom-induced whine-fest erupts.
We have found a few ways to shoo away boredom:
- Hook plastic shopping bags over our shoulders and run around extra-fast with our new parachutes.
- Baking bread, rolls and other Christmas-y treats together
- Painting with finger paints
- Washing the baking dishes
- Doing laundry together
- Playing with blocks
- Having pretend lunches with her dolls and toys
- Taking showers together
OK, that all may sound boring, but the magic of being Abby's mama is that doing all these mundane things together makes them infinitely more magical, joyful and fun for both of us.


  1. Playdate for the kids? Mine were all cabin-feverish today.

  2. Thanks for the parachute idea. I think we will be trying that one tomorrow!

  3. You can always pack her up and take her to the CGC...if you can start your car. ;) (But playdate with my kids sounds better, no?)


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