Monday, November 15, 2010

Winter cometh

I'll be honest here: it's dark out. My skin's dry. There's not enough snow to participate in outdoor winter activities. I feel blah, the kind where all I want is to lie under a blanket and watch mindless teen comedies. I need a kick in the butt from the perky fairy.
I'm trying to live healthy and balanced, but man, have you seen the produce section lately? And how does one afford half-bruised bananas when you're supposed to be getting people Christmas presents? I definitely just want to eat sugar cookies and fudge. But the research also tells me if we want our family to grow, step one means I'm supposed to be at optimum health. Or something like that.
It's weird to wake up in darkness, with our Christmas lights still on outside. Abby and I get outside every day during daylight so I can try to soak us up some sun-happy-vitamins. I'd love to go for long walks with her, but her newly-discovered independence means sitting in a stroller for longer than 10 minutes becomes crying, flailing and squirming in a snowsuit. Not relaxing or happy. She likes climbing snow and walking in it, so we're out for a fair bit. She loves it but I totally think it's boring sometimes.
Bah! I'm in a blah! A winter blah! So today's cure for boredom is to find ways to perk up: a fruity smoothie. Sending Jedi mind trick signals to Abby that encourage her to be a happy, good girl at playgroup this morning so that we can stay through it all this week. Yoga class. A girls TV night watching that kooky Sara Palin. Let's get this operation on the road!


  1. Yes! We really do need to book one of those, and definitely a dinner. How're the next few weeks looking for you guys?

  2. Kick, kick, kick!! There is some butt kicking from the perk fairy!


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