Thursday, November 4, 2010

Two Feet From the Floor

Lately my cure for boredom has been getting to know my daughter, as she is at 21 months. This means choosing her ABC blocks over Facebook, reading the same book over and over (and over and over) with her instead of doing what I want to do. It gives me the warm fuzzies seeing her eyes light up at the recognition of letters, numbers, animals and their sounds. It's as though down at toddler level, I get a front-row view of the wheels and mechanisms turning in her head. And boy do they go quickly. No longer is she taking things in slowly over time, surprising us with bursts of thought and comprehension. There isn't enough time, it seems, for her to share all her thoughts, ideas, eureka! moments and those ultra-rewarding connections between thoughts and concepts.
It's all monumental and completely novel for me to see and appreciate how quickly she is learning about her world. For instance, in the span of a few days she learned to count to ten, and now when we go about our day, she recognizes numbers on signs, buttons, shirts and shouts them all out with the glee of an inventor. Or, yesterday when we went swimming, just us two, she learned that when the water gets too deep, she needs to stop walking, hold her mama's arm, and let her little bum float right up so she can kick. Not with fear, but with squinty-eyed smile at her triumph.
It takes very little effort for me to drop everything else and just play, just be, but the rewards are monumental. I am right there with her, it feels, learning about my world via the inexperienced, chubby hands of a toddler. How wonderful, complicated and ornate this world seems when understood from two feet off the floor.
Maybe this feeling is fleeting; I'll never again have the experience of watching my first born learn about letters, numbers, colouring, getting dressed and dancing. And maybe no one else relates to my enthusiasm and thirst for more time on the floor doing "nothing" with Abby, but the great part is, I don't need them to. I don't think about anything going on around our periphery because the love, excitement and wonder on our carpeted living room floor strewn with books, blocks, dolls and a xylophone is enough to fill my life cup right to the top.

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  1. Learning with and teaching our children is so rewarding. Best part of being a mom!


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