Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three years hence

Three years ago at exactly this time (and taking into account the time zone difference), I would have been at my mum's house slipping my highly-anticipated white dress on, stepping into its satin, having my mum do up the back. Putting finishing touches on my makeup, applying my deodorant and mango-scented oil, hustling to begin taking pictures with the photographer. My face was to hurt from smiling, and my hands were wrung nearly raw because I just wanted to get through the pictures and see Rich. We broke tradition by seeing each other beforehand to take pictures. We zoomed downtown to the market on that cold, autumn day, to capture what turned out to be exquisite, amazing photos. One even won an award for the photographer! Then my brother came to pick us up, dedicated a supremely sweet song to us, and I reconvened with my family and best friends to ride in a limo singing as loud and goofy as we could, "Chapel of Love."
My brother saved the day by driving Rich to the church after his own parents forgot him!
In happy memory of the best day of our lives, ere are the top three reasons I love being married:
1) There is someone with whom I started with very little and ave already built up a beautiful life and family. We moved up here together with $400 in our bank account and have since bought our first home, had a beautiful daughter together, and filled our family life with love, comfort and good memories. We have accomplished so much, and that is only possible because we are together.
2) I have a partner, for all eternity, with whom to celebrate the good times and work through the tough. Already in three years, we've had a vast cross-section of both kinds of emotional extremes, and we've stuck it out together. I cannot fully emphasize here the importance and comfort in having a partner who believes in the same important things, and who shares in all life's adventures.
3) The enrichment, the higher quality life I now know, is forever colouring my world. Being in love everyday with someone who's not going away, who's presence is continually inspiring me, makes me feel like the richest woman in the world.
Happy three years, babe.


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