Friday, November 19, 2010

Snow play

I knew somewhere in the mom manual (the one I never got a copy of) it says you're supposed to play outside with your kids. The value of fresh air, or something like that. When there is nearly 8 months of winter to contend with, sometimes this doctrine takes more dedication than a mom in, say, Florida. Truly, I like how time passes outside. I like the shot of vitamin D I get from the fleeting sun, and it makes me feel like I'm pretty hardcore when I layer myself three-deep in fleece, down and waffle-print long johns in the name of going outside in the Yukon.
So Abby and I got all layered up and snug and went outside to get the mail, and play in the snow, while we waited for the pizza man. (Yesterday just felt like an "I-don't-want-to-make-dinner" day) We walked to the mailbox, collected our holiday LL Bean catalog, and then were confronted with the snowy whiteness of our front yard. "What do we do?" I wondered. "How do I play in this?" wondered Abby (though in a 21-month-old vocabulary).
Abby seemed to have the most fun climbing up and down the hills made by shoveling the driveway yesterday. Then she discovered the thrill of purposely falling on her face, dunking it in the fresh powder and eating it. She laid there on her belly, sticking her pink little tongue out to collect snowflakes from the pile in front of her.
I had so much fun watching her, pointing out her antics to Rich, who was inside, and giving her the words to describe her play. I may have appeared to be a lady standing in her driveway, but I was instead feeling my heart swell and sing, as it often does when I watch Abby discover things. The pizza guy came just in time as we started to whine about being hungry to each other. We have another, oh, five months of winter left at least, and while I hope firstly that Abby's snowsuit fits her the whole way through, I also hope she keeps discovering the big white Yukon world out here.

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