Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Remember, remember

Oh man, the consumerism is getting to me. I can't enter any commercial enterprise without seeing glitter and bells, hearing Christmas songs and smelling pine-scented things. I really want to break out the Christmas chest and let its content explode all over my banister, windows and walls. I am holding off on letting Christmas spirit infiltrate our house because there is no snow yet staying on the ground and, more importantly, there's another holiday worthy of my commitment and acknowledgment.
I know it's a little strange, but Remembrance Day is one of my favourite holidays. It's not in any way enjoyable to celebrate, as it usually means crying and standing in the cold while my feet develop mild hypothermia and my knees get sore. And I always leave feeling not good enough. Not after spending an hour clapping, bowing and remembering the heroes of this land. But it makes me well up with fierce pride and patriotism to actively pay tribute to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice, who gave up their youth and innocence to witness horrifying acts, all in the name of protecting our country, keeping us safe. When asked why they fight, many modern soldiers reply, "to keep my family safe and ensure they don't have to do this." That's honour, and I vociferously clap for and salute you.
So I slide to the side all desire to break out the yule and festive spirit in my Christmas chest and gladly wait until at least November 12. Until then, I wear my poppy, bow my head and remember why we're lucky enough to be free.

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