Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our Christmas-y home

I woke up before Abby this morning, and so I tiptoed downstairs, lit the shortbread-smelling candle, and got a drink of water. I found an online Christmas music radio station, and sat in the dark, quiet glow of morning summoning Christmas into our home.
Abby and I ate banana French toast, our fuel to shovel the knee-high snow in the driveway. She helped by making sure it all tasted OK. One sweaty hour later we went inside, de-layered, and greeted Rich. Promptly, the Christmas chest was hoisted into the living room and we began. The Christmas music was melodious, the animals had familiar but new things to smell, and we had our jobs: Rich set up the tree, which was a very important job. See, we bought our house with two very special selling points in mind: the red door and the picture-perfect Christmas tree window at the front. He set to work untangling lights and delicately, strategically placing ornaments. Abby and I set to work putting out our decor, or tinsel, our Christmas cards from years past and our candles.
Once Abby was down for her nap after lunch, we finalized a few last touches before sitting on our couches, surveying our work. It felt exactly right. I had been imagining this beautiful house set up for Christmas since we bought it in June. And you know, I think it's more beautiful than I could have imagined. It's like we'd been accumulating all our Christmas decorations these last few years just waiting for this house, where everything has its destined place of honour.
I will now happily breathe Christmas for the next month and a bit, sip from my Christmas mugs, nibble at my Reese's Christmas-coloured cups and start brainstorming Christmas baking ideas...


  1. Sounds perfect!! My husband has place a ban on all inside Christmas decorating until December 1st. Can't wait to decorate!

  2. you can't tease us Sarah...PICTURES!! And you mentioned Reese cups so Jack and I may have to come a wassailing so we can get some.

  3. No pictures on this blog :)You HAVE to come in person! :)


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