Sunday, November 14, 2010


I attended a craft sale today to sell some of my baby and kid stuff (Kidsmart), and was asked to wear a Santa hat to "help people get in the spirit," (as the instructional email requested). There was Christmas music, Christmas baking, and a crescendo of an inaudible, but palpable buzz. It feels like it's getting busier. It's time for Christmas crafts shows every weekend, Christmas pageants, parties, shopping, mailing, decorating.
The shorter days and falling temperatures prompt me to stay inside and start hibernating. It's only natural to want to go with the flow of winter and curl up for movie nights, wear cozy sweaters, bake treats and nurture all feelings of laziness. Of course that's not the way Christmas works. It's rising action now, toward the big day. And I'm excited for it. I will happily participate in the decorating, crafting, visits, parties and entertaining. But, I understand it takes a bit more energy and dedication this time of year to get my act together and get out to celebrate the joy and connection this time of year rewards us with.
So in a conscious quest for balance (as I am wont to do), I celebrate the minutiae, the small wonders among this hustle bustle. The reminders to slow down and hibernate a little and savour the quiet between the sequin sparkly moments.
Today's reminders are:
1) The lady with the sparkly gold nail polish who seemed surprised wen I complimented her on her great holiday-themed nails. "The holidays?" she asked. "Oh no, this is fabulous all year round!" You're right it it, rock it!
2) The sugar cookie scented candle in my kitchen, one of those big giant glass jar candles. It makes my whole house smell like something I want to eat.
3) The hemp hand cream that coats my dry, brittle Yukon winter hands after washing the dishes.
4) Looking back through my online photo albums, cataloging the visual history of my family, from our wedding day to now.
5) The little girl at my dinner table who announced during our small dinner party that "Old McDonald had a farm." No song, no continuance, just stating the fact before she finished eating her potatoes.

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