Monday, November 1, 2010

Leaving Las Vegas

I thought returning from a place like Las Vegas would be a whole lot of letdown and deflation. After all, nothing compares to the grandeur, excess and selfishness of Las Vegas. For three days and nights, I quite enjoyed being selfish, eating exquisite meals, shopping, sleeping, lounging and partying the nights away until the sun came up. I anticipated that an abrupt end to a brief lifestyle foray like that would be tough.
Of course, it wasn't. My body was tired, my credit card hurt, and I missed my little family. There was no denying that play as I will as a twentysomething wild girl, I am a stay-at-home northern mama in my soul right now.
Alas, I have no summary for you. Indeed, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and half the stuff we did there you'd have to experience yourself to believe and understand anyway.
So I'm home, I'm catching up on sleep, detoxifying my system, and am blown away by all the new things Abby learned in the short time I was away!

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