Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home for a rest

Our calendar, long term, has emptied itself. It is free and open wide, and we've never been in this place before. We took a family trip home to Ottawa in August, and Rich was kind enough to let me escape to Las Vegas with my girlfriends for a few days in October. And now, we have no concrete plans to go anywhere. For a while. There are some weddings next summer, and if we travel for them it will mark almost a full year that we've opted to stay here, in the territory. This is big for me.
My survival tactic up until recently has been to focus on the next trip out. In Ross River, I could count down to our monthly trip to Whitehorse for groceries. Or the next trip to Vancouver Island, or home. It was the way I got through long, cold, dark winters. It was my compensation for living somewhere I wasn't fully convinced I wanted to live in.

This is the time of year now where, at Christmas parties, or shopping for gifts on Main Street, or at the rec centre where everyone has a kid in weeknight hockey, I bump into people I haven't seen in awhile. We play catch up, which always involves mention of the next big trip, or the recent one. And we've got nothin'. I proudly have been telling people that we have a house that is ours, that we live here by choice now and that we love nothing more the idea of hibernating with our little family unit in the house we've made a home. Of course, we have family and friend visits to look forward to, where we can show of the home and city we're proud of. It all comes down to our choice to stay here, bundle up, and be in one place for an extended period of time.
Naturally, I would love to have a hot destination to travel to with Rich in February when we're sick of shoveling, or a big month-long trek to say Hawaii with Abby along too. But we don't have family here to watch Abby while we gallivant away, and buying a house in Whitehorse (see housing prices) has meant a month-long trip anywhere is out of the budget, at least this year. So you could say we're stuck here by circumstance, but I don't. I say we're here together to see what it's like to just stay in one spot for a bit.

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