Friday, November 12, 2010


I love when things around me get so sappy and serendipitous I can almost hear the Full House-string music in the background. Here I was, sitting around all contemplative and worrying and weighing the values of over-sharing and bottling-it-all-in. I didn't know if I should keep writing publicly. Or what I could write about publicly (I got the distinct impression I should limit my writing to such deep topics as 'baking' and 'fitness'). And then I wrote about that back-and-forth thought process anyway. I thought it would be a good lead-in to winding things down here, if that's what I decided. That way, I thought, no one in blogland would think I suddenly stopped writing because I got eaten by a bear in the woods on an after-dinner walk.
After much thought, though, I have decided to keep this up. I strongly considered just ordering a pretty journal online and writing daily bloggy musings on paper, old school. That way the only people who'd read it are myself, maybe Rich and maybe a nosy house-sitter one day. I'd get my thoughts out there, reap the benefits of using writing to work through my questions, and not open myself up to any backlash.
But then people reminded me of what I wasn't considering. People sent me lovely little messages asking me not to stop writing, not to go into hiding and run away, because they liked my blog. They said they related to my words and sometimes my dilemmas. I hadn't considered that anyone beyond me and the especially voyeuristic readers would care if I electronically dissipated. And now you've told me otherwise, and that makes me feel so warm. Like that whole 'pay it forward' concept of passing on a smile, your nice kind words have lifted me up and then made me want to share that happiness with everyone around me. (The grumpy lady at the grocery store who slammed into my cart, looked up, and saw my smile I'm sure thanks you all).
And you're right: there are so many little miracles and so much oft-overlooked beauty in and around the world that sometimes my contribution to the universe is just to notice some of those things, then use my words to entrench their memory and share my musings. Whether to one of you or 100.
Thank you. I'll now carry on here.


  1. Glad to hear it, Sarah! I wasn't able to click through to comment on your other post when I read it (time constraints!) but I did want to say some of the things that you clearly heard from others.

    I know I've been guilty of oversharing in the past -- but the line of what's too much and what isn't is pretty darned blurry. And I've changed over the years (as we are wont to do!) and things I wrote about a few years ago, I wouldn't now, and vice versa.

    But what hasn't changed is that blogging is about community. When we find voices we identify with, it truly is a loss if and when they decide no longer to share it.

    I'm so glad you've decided to carry on!

  2. Hurray! I am so glad you are going to keep on blogging. I love reading your thoughts and am envious of the way you are able to express yourself through writing. There are so many times I just want to cut and paste your entries on my own blog.

    I am a complete over-sharer, but I do have many off limits topics for the blog. Sometimes it is hard not to write about them though.


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