Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Post

It's Thanksgiving in these parts, and you can tell by the snow outside (it IS mid-October in the Yukon, after all), the turkey cooking instructions across my counter top, and the longer hugs I give Rich saying, "thanks for loving me, babe" (followed by his confused squirming away going to eat a sandwich).
We're celebrating it a bit late this year because Rich works night shift this weekend. So on Tuesday we're joining another family of Ontario refugees and going rustic. We'll be celebrating at a cabin on a lake that is over an hour drive away and a 45-minute hike in. With babies, turkey dinner fixings, and our gear on our backs.
I'm excited and nervous and hope we get there still thankful for each other and our health (and not just that the hike part is over). It's a beautiful time of year up here, despite the snow's early arrival, and I look forward to putting my woolen-socked feet up, smelling like wood stove fire, and cuddling with my family and good friends.
When prompted to think of the things for which I am thankful, the effort is quite minimal. Every day before dozing off to sleep I try and think of all the things I'm thankful for. Here's what I usually thank the universe for:
1) My family back home, the one I grew up in. For forming me into who I am, for making me feel safe, confident and worthy.
2) For my husband here. For finding him so early on in life, for having a partner so comforting, strong and smart, and for having someone with whom to celebrate good times and work through the tough.
3) For my daughter, for her good health and strength as she grows and develops exponentially each day. She's a living demonstration of the miracle of life and the gift true love can make.
4) For my health, which allows me to live my life without restrictions or physical challenge.
5) For my friends, near and far. For the ones who know me best and have grown with me from gangly-legged 10-year-olds into crazy wild women who laugh loud. For my newer friends who show me that honesty, integrity, giggles and good hugs are the luxury in my life I cannot take for granted.
6) For my gifts, talents and privileges. Somehow in the draw of who gets what life, I wound up lucky enough to live in our own, warm home, with good food, comfortable amenities and the skills to see the world through a writer's pen, picking up details and thoughts that show me the true beauty of my world.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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