Friday, October 22, 2010

Quarter Century Me

Yesterday I turned 25 years old. I've always affirmed that age "ain't nuthin' but a number" (Aaliyah, holla!), but this year I really embrace 25. It feels right. Something about the balance between 20 and 30, it just feels like an awesome time to be on the cusp of something. Without referencing any cheesy Britney Spears songs, I'll relate that I definitely feel like I'm in transition. Hey, just because a twentysomething gets married and has a baby doesn't make me a grownup, at least I don't feel that way. It's learning other life lessons and and deciding how I am going to deal with issues (happy and sag, big and small) that make me feel grownup.
Figuring out how to run a home, our home, our bought and mortgaged piece of the world: that autonomy makes me feel grown up. Or hearing my elders gripe about issues (that seem universally ageless now) and lending support, being asked for advice: that makes me feel grown up. Knowing what a canape is, the rules for wearing formal wear, being able to explain mutual funds and seeing my sister's teenage experiences through grown eyes: that as all made me feel grown up. Not old. I feel wiser, more prepared, confidant, challenged and ready for more.
I like 25. I can't promise that I'll act grown up in any way as I celebrate this milestone in Las Vegas next week with my best friends who are also turning 25 right about now. But I feel myself coming into my own. I feel myself setting foundations for what our family wants, as opposed to doing whatever everyone else does because it's popular and easy. I feel myself prepared to change my mind again in time, and making that change not feeling as a failure, but as one who is just experienced.
I was spoiled with very thoughtful gifts (those are the best kind!) and my buffet is covered with all kinds of cards from all over the country, and they make me feel loved and special. Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes and thoughts to me yesterday: I can assure you they were well received and acknowledged!

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  1. Happy Birthday! 25 is great until you have to start checking the "25-40" option on questionnaires.
    Have fun in Vegas! Prepare to eat A LOT! And go see Blue Man Group! Or any show for that matter. They're ALL amazing!


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