Friday, October 15, 2010

Over the Rainbow

There's a book (or volume of books, now) at the Rainbow Lake cabin where guests have written about their visits, a compendium of awe and wonder of a beautiful locale. It spoke a lot of high winds atop the bluff, moose sightings in the shallow waters and a description, written repeatedly, that seemed most fitting "a little slice of heaven on earth."
The cabin is owned by Rich's work and has been for decades. We rented it out with another family for three days with the hopes of celebrating a rustic, if a bit late, Thanksgiving. (We had to wait until our husbands were off shift to enjoy our turkey feast around the same table) I was most nervous for the 40-minute hike in from the road, because I knew that meant a toddler strapped to my back (a toddler who particularly dislikes being strapped to anything), and supplies to last three days that we could fit on our backs or in the sleigh we pulled in the new snow. It ended up being a beautiful hike that didn't seem too long, and thankfully my crying toddler's wails managed to scare all bears away!
The cabin was idyllic, wood stove-heated, and atop a hill that looked over Rainbow Lake. It's a beautiful spot, one of many I'm sure I've seen among the mountains as I flew in on an airplane. I used to wonder what these places were like, the little lakes among such huge mountains. The cabin is in the Kluane National park, home to the mountain range dividing Alaska from the Yukon. I cannot possibly describe how monstrous these mountains are. When the sky cleared, the tops still couldn't be seen. Climbers who later go on to attempt ascending Mt. Everest are encouraged to practice among these mountains. They are huge, high and almost godlike.
We saw ducks, swans and geese on the water. Abby especially liked canoe-ing across the glass-top water towards the sitting ducks. She knew not to make to much noise, she just kept saying in her soft toddler voice, "Mama, see? Quack, quack." When flocks of birds flew overhead, their beating winds and strong current (created by their eschelon) sounded as loud as a jet.
Blessed with time to do whatever we wanted in a cabin cut off from outside communication and travel, on our very own lake, we made sure to fit in as much as we could. We canoed, hiked, tobogganed, had a bonfire, ate a feast (and yummy leftovers for days!), played board games, begged with sleep gods to please make our babies GO TO SLEEP, brushed our teeth with snow and drank some of the clearest, cleanest lake water to ever grace our lips. (Don't worry, we boiled it, most of the time)
I felt so re-connected to Abby, we made some great memories together. We loved walking along the lake shore, throwing rocks, spotting birds and eating snow off our mitts. We slept together at night and looked at each other I swear every five minutes to stop everything for hugs and cuddles. I love that girl, she makes me so happy to be her mama. Rich and I spent some quality time together too and definitely made some good family memories, but more than anything I left feeling super blessed to have Abby.
The hike out after a morning of cleaning and packing was terrible. Shin-deep snow made for a sweaty, tough, complain-y type of hike out, but we did it. I can't wait to go back, and make more memories with my family in such a pristine, God-given place.

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