Sunday, October 17, 2010

One of those weekends

This weekend was kind of rough, what can I say? Sometimes, there's just a big grey cloud of blah raining over, and I just have to pull up my boots and get through it. Sometimes big, justifiably troubling things spark these tough times and then get made worse by little, not-so-bad things that just seem worse, you know?
But there are more than enough reasons for me to dance around my kitchen with Abby with a smile on my face. Even on the rough days, it doesn't take much for me to remember those reasons and feel all better (even if it's just in that moment). Abby is fantastic calm-down comedy relief too, which I appreciate. How can one stay enraged when there is sauce spilled all over the kitchen, a dog tracking it all over, and a mama screaming "AAAAARRRRGH", before Abby looks up asks, "angry?" and then says, "Aaargh!"
This weekend's reasons to feel better:
1) Holding a teeny new little baby that is so beautiful and mellow and happy to fall asleep right there in the crook of my arm.
2) "Mama? mwah?" before holding out her arms for me to rush in and give her a kiss.
3) Falling asleep in the pillow that is Rich's arm and shoulder, when we're at the exact same tired level and the exact same relaxed level too.
4) Playing with a little boy just older than Abby, and getting a preview of all the exciting things she'll be able to do soon.
5) Watching a PVR'd episode of The Office in which Michael thinks he has herpes and revisits all his old loves. Comedy glory!
6) Cuddles on the couch with tea and calm toddler and sucky retriever and a good movie.

There, I already feel uplifted thinking of those things and fighting off the toddler who, right now at this second, is trying to climb Mount Mama

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