Saturday, October 2, 2010

October's promises

What's true today and my cure for any residual boredom is knowing it's October. October is when autumn (even if there's snow) blows all around me. Autumn wind, autumn leaves, autumn baking. Even if the forecast argues that it's winter, Mother Nature can't take away Thanksgiving meals, cabin rentals, my birthday, Vegas trip and Halloween. I want to play like an autumn windy day, blowing all over, up and down, picking up scents and stories along the way.
I am using October as a valid reason to drink tea from big bowl mugs, slow like uphill molasses. It's also cause to wear chunky wool knit sweaters and boots that will be impractical once snow falls. I am baking and cooking for families hibernating with new little ones and showing off October to my own little sprite, who has caught the contagious fall fever. The last hoorah before winter drops, when fall outwear isn't confining to movement (and there's a lot of that wen you're 20 months old).
It's October and the promise of so many adventures makes me find the little ones hidden in every day on my 31-day calendar.

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