Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fun with Senses

Our house sounds like:
- The furnace kicking it, fighting against the powdery snow accumulating outside
- Abby yelling in a high-pitched girly shriek, simply because she's excited about jumping
- Water boiling in my kettle, cuz mama needs her wake-up tea (This awesome Royal Canadian breakfast tea wit Mounties on the tin)
- The clinking of kibble in the dog dish as our cat Goober flicks the leftover bits out, morsel by morsel, and eats them. (His bowl is full downstairs. Perhaps he craved some variety?)
- The car doors slamming in our neighbours driveways as they head off to work, to run errands, and I gluttonously stay in my silky monkey pajamas, sipping my morning tea and conducting a circus downstairs with a zany toddler.

Our mornings, whether crazy and chaotic or quiet and serene always give us a plethora of sensory input to process. I love the mornings like these in which balance is struck: a crazy performance going on in my basement while Abby dances to the music in her head, and the quiet hibernation sounds of good food, warm drink and insulation against the cold.

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