Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Channelling twentysomething

I'm heading out this afternoon to a land where I have no responsibility, no obligations, no chores, meal prep or set bedtime. I am going where my dress code revolves around heels and dresses, smoky eyes and diamonds. I am going to fly there by myself reading (At Home by Bill Bryson), wearing clothes not suited for spitup or nursing, eating and drinking what I choose. I am going to eat unclean for three days, three nights, and probably pump myself full of toxins, at least of the Dom Perignon and Merlot variety.
I am going on vacation, where all rules are suspended, all daily routine and monotony uninvited. I am going to see how much of early twentysomething Sarah is still living inside, how much youthful energy and spontaneity I can channel. And when I find her, I will let her roam free on the adult playground.
I know I will miss my family, my life, and my comfort, but rest assured I will carpe diem with the knowledge it will all be here in the Yukon waiting for me when I return. Until then, the nightlife awaits!

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