Saturday, September 25, 2010

Winter's early arrival

I originally decided to name this blog after my favourite poet's quote while I was in Ross River: where the eight-month winter really stretched out, there were few social engagements and I had to get creative. I wanted to come up with reasons every day to avoid whining (to no one in particular)"I'm booooored." Idle hands make devil's work, n'est pas?
My writing's theme strayed a bit from my original focus upon moving to Whitehorse because I wasn't sapped for activities. Quite the opposite. I had to design my lifestyle here and strike a balance between getting out to everything, signing up for all classes possible and just staying home, vegging with the fam. Today I look out my window and commiserate again, woeful that I am early greeted by winter and thus likely to find more boredom in this hibernation.
I have not yet seen snow (especially snow that STAYS) this early in my life. It is wet, heavy, and required me to shovel my driveway the day after autumn officially began. I let out a big, heavy "what the heck?" kind of sigh to the universe yesterday but now I accept my fate. I live in the Yukon, winter is here, and winter is staying. Time to get creative and find ways to avoid boredom, cabin fever and general crankiness. Granted, I have friends here, activities, and classes. I have far fewer reasons to complain about boredom in Whitehorse.
I am just having a hard time with being ready for winter. Rendezvous is in February, Christmas is still two months away! Halloween's in five weeks for crying out loud. September is autumn and I wish the fall fairies would come back and let me take a few more walks under orange leafy trees and sip apple cider from a mug without wearing mittens. Is that OK to admit?

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  1. baaaaaahhhhhh :o(
    is it really here to stay? It looks like it. Well, we will just have to have a lot of snow play days and hot chocolate too!


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