Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My kitchen smells like coffee, an odor that acts as a sensory clue that today's cure for boredom is playing tour guide. Coffee only dances in the kitchen air when guests are here, and I'm so thankful for the "aroma" button so I can smell fresh ground Bean North coffee percolate, even if I don't drink the stuff.
My best friend is here, the one whose bond we formed over handstand contests and sleepover parties in elementary school. I am so happy and blessed to get to show her my new corner of the northern world, our new home, my favourite spots up here to sit and think and laugh. We are 100% honest friends and that's exactly how I like it:
Her: "We don't have to hand wash all those dishes, right?" (after making egg strata. She hates dishes after a lifetime of being an only child forced to clean stinky after-dinner dishes)
Me: "Apologies in advance, this stew will probably make me farty." (a statement met with no reaction but for a nod)
We've been on coffee/tea dates at the cute Whitehorse spots, walks, a soak in the hot springs, hunched over this laptop planning/booking our birthday trip to Las Vegas next month, and a visit to a museum. She is definitely a red-headed cure for boredom, and more than that: a rejuvenation, a new tornado of energy in my house and I feel it's more of a home with Auntie Kaylee here.

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  1. I'm so happy for you that your bestest came all this way just for you! I already know that feeling of wanting my friends and family to come up here to I miss them.


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