Saturday, September 11, 2010


It's way too early for a dedicated Thanksgiving post, but I feel like this weekend's a good time to take stock of that for which I am most thankful. Because life indeed moves pretty fast and as Ferris Bueller says, if you don't stop and look a round once in awhile, you'll miss it. So instead of going out tonight to an event I would probably have looked forward to for weeks had I still been living in Ross River with no social outlets, I find myself a busy bee with need to slow down a little, curl up, and breathe in a big "amen" to the world tonight.
I'm thankful for
- Knowing what we're going to eat this week, which future Sarah is already thankful for, because it means healthy plates, few excess groceries, and variety from pre-packaged sodium food.
- Goofy time with Abby in her bath where she sings song, makes hats out of her toys, pours water all over herself, swims, laughs and shrieks with delight before she recognizes it's night-night, cuddles, hugs and lullabies.
- Watching the last season of Lost with Rich, setting aside the time for couch surfing, traded foot rubs and cups of tea with my one and only
- Best friends, the kind that know more than you do about yourself, and the building anticipation for a bestest friend's visit soon!
- The written word. It lets me make sense of the world; finding just the right feeling and descriptor to purge myself of ambiguous, hard-to-pin-down thoughts and make them real.
- Hugs that I can feel from 5000 km away through the phone, from the family that turned me into who I am today
This is what fills my day with satisfaction, simple pleasure and the ultimate bliss of knowing that I am living the exact life I've always dreamed of living, here and now.

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  1. this is so lovely Sarah. I'm feeling like I am on the same page tonight....


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