Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My To-Dos

When I was living in my first apartment in third year, poor, hungry, chalk-full of studying information, I dreamed of a day when those things wouldn't rule my roost. When I would be living the life of my dreams. That is not a very carpe diem thought. I realized I needed to live the life I wanted starting then. This didn't mean quitting school, get-rich-quick schemes, or going into debt. It meant re-aligning priorities and making room for the small thrills in life. So I made a list of 100 things to accomplish before I'm 50. The ones in red are checked off!

1. Drink Dom Perignon
2. See a Broadway musical
3. Go surfing
4. Climb to the top of a mountain
5. Make a beautiful garden
6. Get backstage at a concert
7. Run a marathon
8. Kiss at the top of the Eiffel tower
9. Sell a work of art
10. Drive a convertible by the beach
11. Write a book
12. Hold a fancy high tea
13. Pose for a painting
14. Ride an elephant
15. Drive on the Autobahn
16. Ride a horse on the beach
17. Eat at a five star restaurant
18. Stay in a penthouse suite of a fancy hotel
19. Shoot a gun
20. Help solve a crime
21. Go to law school
22. Learn to play chess
23. Make a five course meal
24. Have a photo published
25. Meet a celebrity
26. Learn to eat with chopsticks
27. Do a flip on a trampoline
28. Write a movie screenplay
29. Train a dog
30. Make the best cakes
31. Eat pizza in Italy
32. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
33. Go caroling
34. Hula dance
35. Ride a unicycle
36. Sail a boat
37. Get a pearl necklace to pass down as an heirloom
38. Trace family history
39. Find buried treasure
40. Give a homeless person $100
41. Christmas shop in New York City
42. Cover a story that gets national attention
43. Buy something from a high-end store
44. Have professional black and white photos taken
45. Be naked in public
46. Hand craft pottery
47. Get my teeth whitened
48. Learn how to French braid
49. Ride in a hot air balloon
50. Latin Dance
51. Randomly send someone a dozen roses
52. Be in a TV audience
53. Visit Auschwitz
54. Witness the birth of a baby or animal
55. Watch a sunrise
56. Join a jazz band
57. Buy original art
58. Visit a bayou in Louisiana
59. Join the mile high club
60. Stand under a waterfall
61. Smash a TV
62. Learn to drive standard
63. Share my diary’s contents
64. Host a family reunion
65. Sew a dress
66. Take a year off
67. Slap someone in the face
68. Smoke a Cuban cigar
69. Break a World Record
70. Try out for Jeopardy
71. Produce my own food
72. Throw a pie at someone
73. Have a 25th anniversary
74. Get arrested
75. Have children
76. Own a diamond
77. Volunteer for Greenpeace
78. Grow my hair long
79. Own a swimming pool
80. Invent a cocktail
81. Make my own jam
82. Go to a ball
83. Lose pregnancy weight
84. Max out credit card
85. Rollerblade through a shopping mall at night
86. Travel on a whim
87. Pull off an elaborate prank
88. Win a contest
89. Visit the West Edmonton Mall
90. Blow something up
91. Own a really good camera
92. Swim with dolphins in their natural habitat
93. Water ski
94. Make home videos of my life
95. Stay in a bed and breakfast
96. Watch the Godfather trilogy
97. Teach ___ lessons
98. Milk a cow
99. Stand on the international date line
100. Make my own noodle


  1. I could help you make your own jam on day!

    I love your list.

  2. I want to hear the story behind #45

    I think you have done #54, even if it was your own you witnessed it

    #19 is something I want to do too, we should do that together so we can scream and act girly while our husbands sigh and roll their eyes

    I volunteer to help you with #51 LOL

    #53 is a dream of mine as well.

    This was an awesome list Sarah and it was so fun to see what you have already accomplished. I am inspired

  3. Thanks Mama bear! 45 is for sure an awesome story! And I don't count 54 because I only felt it, didnt get to see it...maybe next time someone can tape it since the mama always gets the worst seat in the house!

  4. I can teach you how to French braid and play chess, and you can buy chopsticks at Daishu's store (Horwood's mall) that helps you put your fingers in the right place. What kind of instrument would you play in a jazz band? Also, we had carolling in my neighbourhood last year and everyone liked it so much, they said they'd do it again (which is great, because I had to miss it!) So there are lots of things you could check off this year. :)

  5. I really hope these four aren't connected...

    19. Shoot a gun
    20. Help solve a crime
    74. Get arrested
    21. Go to law school

    And I have a question about this one?
    99. Stand on the international date line

    Are you going to do it while standing on a boat, or are you going to stand over it on the Bearing Sea in the middle of winter?

    Next summer, I volunteer to help with the following:
    27. Do a flip on a trampoline
    36. Sail a boat
    61. Smash a TV (You can always find one or two at the Free Store)
    62. Learn to drive standard
    90. Blow something up (as long as it's a balloon)

  6. Haha thanks guys! I totally didn't post this list as a means to solicit help accomplishing it, but it's touching to see people wanting to help me achieve my quest! Awesome! I sign up for everything you've offered: jam, gun shooting, roses, french braid, chess,caroling, chopsticks, sailing, tv smashing, driving standard and trampoline flipping!
    Fawn: I played jazz and show band drums growing up, but left my drums behind when I moved up north!

  7. I'd also love to hear the story behind #45!


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