Thursday, September 16, 2010

My baby's back

When Abby is sick, there's a finite window in which my rambunctious toddler reverts to being a cuddly baby again. She nestles into the crook of my arm, burrowing her head and curling herself just so before taking deep sighs and drifting off to sleep. I stroke her curly hair or run my fingers down her back, encouraging my little girl to stay in slumber as long as possible-- I know this moment is fleeting and I want to make it last.
Abby was experiencing the delayed reaction to her 18-month shots yesterday, fevered and worn down as her body fought it off. Rich and I blissfully smiled at each other, stifling shushed giggles as Abby spread out across our laps and drifted off while we watched an episode of BBC Life. It was a moment where Rich and I telepathically agreed, "this is the most beautiful moment of the day."
She was so quiet, so dreamy, so infant-like. Her breath became the rhythm of our existence, her baby drool forming a pool on my thigh.
Before long, a barking dog outside stirred her and she peeked her little head up to take in where she was after a brief trip to dreamland. She looked up and recognized her mama and daddy's faces, smiled with 8 teeth, and stretched her little body before climbing down from our laps and running circles around her Bumbo chair.
I wished her slumber back, but then fell in love again with my toddler as she dive-bombed into my arms shouting "Mama mama mama!"

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  1. and today you looked so happy as Abby snuggled in your arms at the pool :O)


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