Friday, August 6, 2010

Home for a rest

I have flown home for a couple of weeks' vacation before we take a real vacation to a beach in Maine (aka my favouritest place on earth EVAR). I had planned to fly home with Abby and my visiting sister, with Rich joining us a week later. But plans for a memorial of our fallen friend took precedence and we all flew down together to make it to the church and celebrate his life.
I thought The Citizen writer captured the memorial best.
And now I am staying in the house I grew up in, amazed at what has changed in my once-familiar landscaped. Amazed too at what has changed in me. Only this time instead of being overwhelmed by the Ross River-Ottawa divide, I can recognize the peace I have found in prioritizing what's important, and living a life centered around those things (family, good food, yoga, health and friends). I can see how easily I take my Whitehorse life and calm with me on my travels, and this makes me proud.
I am loving these things about home:
- Ontario humidity that turns into intense wind and grey-orange skies right before an insane rain storm with big, fat-ole raindrops.
- Pizza Pizza and their garlic dipping sauce
- Parliament
- Downtown, with its history, stone, familiar restaurants, seeing the bus routes I used to take, and remembering who I was when I lived down there.
- Conversations with good friends in which I both laugh till I might pee and cry unashamed
And it's only been a few days! I feel like after three years of coming back here from the Yukon, I am learning to master the balancing act of shopping, seeing people, appointments, and relaxation. After all, it is a vacation!
I am excited to revisit the Glebe, go to a zoo, shop at MEC, take Abby to an outdoor wading pool, see where my friends are at in their lives, find a few good-quality comfy cardigans (cashmere blends would be nice!) and go see a movie at a movie theatre! (Eat, Pray, Love opens next week. Or maybe I'll see my first 3D movie?)

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