Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Glebey Day

Today was a bright, sunny Glebey day. I had the chance to walk hand in hand with my spring-stepped little girl, revisiting the places I visited as a woman on the cusp of major change. Engaged, excited to get married to my best friend. Temporarily alone while Rich trained at Depot. Anxiously awaiting news of where we would live and start our lives together.
I loved walking through The Papery, finding way more treasures than my bank account allowed me to take home. I ate a delicious lunch at Wild Oat with my sister, mom and happy baby. We greedily slurped mango smoothies and picked fresh cilantro from our teeth afterwards. We strolled past my old apartment, down tree-lined Holmwood Ave, to the water park where Abby splashed and swam, and I became a temporary Glebe mom: complete with Bob stroller, straw hat and nervous laughter when Abby splashed the other kids.
It was comforting to revisit, cyclical to think of where I came from and celebrate where I am now.

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  1. Lovely post! It's amazing that we both lived in the Glebe at one point and time in our lives. I know exactly of the places that you talk of here.
    I felt some of the same feelings about my recent return to the Glebe...makes me realize how far I've come.


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