Saturday, August 21, 2010

At the beach

My little family is in Ogunquit, Maine after a year of planning, and I feel like time couldn't slow down enough for me to soak this all in. Abby made the 8-hour drive down like a champion (due in large part to the in-car DVD player we borrowed), so things got off to a good start. That night I brought my little girl and my true love to my favourite place on earth for the first time.
I swelled up inside with love and peace and a general feeling of "this is a dream come true!" My baby ran in and out of tidal pools, not even checking to see if I was still behind her. We all chased her chubby running bum down the beach, and took turns jumping into the water I hear when I go to sleep at night.
The last time I was here I was pregnant with Abby. I remember thinking I looked huge in my bikini, I picked out a cute lobster onesie, and I dreamed of one day taking my baby with me to this beach. It was been soul fulfilling to watch my husband and baby walk hand-in-hand up to the waves, then run back as the cold water hits their feet.
Today Abby and I took a walk on the beach. On this walk, she liked to check out other kids' pails and shovels, chase the seagulls, splash in the water with her fat pad feet, and run as fast as she could bounce while singing a high-pitched "OOOO" sound. My heart sang sharing this with her, and watching her enjoy this beach and make it her own.
I loved watching Rich play Frisbee and football with the boys while Abby tried to catch in, my little monkey in the middle. I loved eating sandwiches (emphasis on the sand), feeling the sun paint me, and riding the waves on my boogie board with my sister on one side, my dad on the other.
I am going to need some convincing as to why we can't relocate here every summer.

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  1. sounds like heaven, I don't care how beautiful the mountains are I live my life for the smell of salt air.

    Glad Abby made the drive like a champ!!


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