Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm back

I haven't written in awhile.
Sometimes when something so big happens, I find it difficult to match mere words to big feelings. I don't mean to be cryptic or isolated readers who know not of what I speak, but I think this time around, I have to just move on without dissecting things through written word. Besides, it is so much bigger than myself, and another woman has a great big hill to climb without considering other people's reactions.
But we're OK, at least in my household.

My mum just left after a week-long visit and I had a blast playing tourist with her and my sister, who is staying here until we fly back to Ottawa in August. It as been a welcome distraction and transition as I took pause to reevaluate what's important, who's a good friend, and where to go from here.

Today finds me sun-kissed after a lunchtime picnic at Long Lake where my sister and I donned our wet suits (yes, this makes us weenies) and swam in the frigid water. Abby just strolled right in after us, shocked by the cold but never shedding a tear. That's my little water baby, just like her mama.
My garage is moving towards organized after we sold our second set of appliances. List of summer to-do's are getting checked off as calendar days fly by.
Bread is rising in my kitchen, because it is so much cheaper and more tasty.
Thanks for today.

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  1. I'm pretty sure I know who and what you're talking about and I've been thinking about her a lot. It really makes me remember to appreciate what I have today, because who knows what can happen tomorrow.


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