Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finding God

I went to Catholic school and still use their sacraments to mark major life occasions in a spiritual way. But I am by no means a practicing Catholic. I've found God in so many other places, and experienced a closeness with the divine in non-denominational worship. There are too many facets of the church I don't agree with to subscribe to its way of finding God.
So today, here are the ways I've been finding God. And after a couple of years in Ross River, I've learned to find it in the smallest of places sometimes.
- In the rainbow of water spray coming from my hose as my sister, husband and baby helped me wash the cars
- In the high-pitched giggle and uncontrollable laughter coming from Abby as I chased her around the farmer's market
- In the irresistible "come pet me" position Goober took rolling on the carpet, belly-up, greeting me as I woke up
- In the brownies we made this morning
- In recognizing other people's deep, deep grief and falling to my knees in appreciation that my love is still with me
- In the warm sun sitting my shoulders as I chatted on the phone on my back porch with my best friend 5000km away (see you soon!)
- In my own confidence, knowing that while the forces of destiny are at play, my ability to make decisions and stick up for what I believe in command my path
- In a good song, one that says what I'm thinking and makes me stop and elaborate on its lyrics with my own prose (in my head)

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