Sunday, July 4, 2010


I think the big difference between life here in Whitehorse and life in Ross River is choices. Here, I can choose to stay home, or go see friends, or go shopping, or go to a park, or go swimming, or to a movie. There are lots of days when Abby and I (and Rich, if he's off) decide to stay in, wear our "weekend clothes" and just vegetate. This weekend, we had friends over, we went to a birthday party, we went to the park, we played in Abby's pool, I did some by-myself shopping, and we had indoor picnics. And that's exactly what we wanted to do. That we get to do what we want to do, that ability to choose and follow through, has made all the difference on our mental state.
If we want to take a day trip to Skagway, Alaska, we can do that. If people come up to visit, we can just scoot down to the airport 5 minutes away and round them up. If it's a sunny day, we can spend it by a lake. If we're out of bananas, I can go pick some up. Even organic ones.
We are changed people after living in Ross River. I am quieter. I take far less for granted. We are a stronger family unit after being in such close quarters for such a long time, and going through some major bummers. I know how to set my own priorities. I know how to make far more food from scratch.
And now, we take all that we had become in Ross River and bring it here to where we have balance between all the things we need to do and some of the things we want to do.
Our house is like our own family train station: there is far more in and out traffic, and the train goes many more places (not just the Ross River general store, or Faro). There is a bit more schedule to the mix, but also the chance now to pick up and go somewhere new just because we feel like it.
I even got a big, giant clock to hang over our front door, to give our foyer that train-station feel!


  1. Welcome to Whitehorse. I'm always amazed as to how people living in the smaller communities do so much "from scratch". Maybe that's what I need in order to learn more of that. lol

  2. Love this post Sarah!
    I'm so happy to hear that you are finding the much deserved balance that you need in Whitehorse.
    Can't wait to join you guys up there!


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