Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer's promises!

Every morning I wake up with a clean slate and empty schedule (most days). Major stay-at-home mom perk. So when it's summertime, and there are finite warm-weather, sunny-sky days among us, Abby and I try to do something outside and something new everyday. The promise of summer, the list-making and dreaming, are part of the fun, the spell that the midnight sun casts upon me.
This summer, we will:
- Go to Juneau, Alaska to visit cousins and explore the glaciers
- Watch our garden grow
- Host Uncle Patrick's first-ever Yukon visit
- Take Grama (my mom) and Aunt Holly to Skagway on the rickety mountain train during their July visit
- Welcome a whole slew of friends' babies to the world
- Fly home to Ottawa for a visit and then I'll take my very own family to the beaches of Ogunquit, Maine for the first time!
- Learn how to make a wonderful sangria
- Set up Abby's kiddie pool and play in it every sunny day
- Explore Miles' Canyon, Schwatka Lake, Long Lake, and the Takhini River
- Eat outside a lot
- Run through our very own sprinkler on our very own lawn
- Become a lean, mean running and hiking machine
- Visit the farmers' market on Thursdays by the Yukon Riverfront
And I won't forget to fill in the blanks with each days' new promise of unforeseen adventure, experience, fun and silliness

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