Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our humble abode

It's a rainy day outside, which I immediately thought would mean a stifled indoor Abby day with little to do. (Apparently, I forget that 8 months of the year is winter and cold in Whitehorse).
But we live in our house now. OUR house. We can make believe and dance and run and do whatever we want in here because it's our house. And if we want to put on Abby's splash suit and rain boots, go outside, get muddy and wet and cold, then we can just come right back into our house to warm up after.
Rainy afternoons, stripping rain-soaked clothes and cuddling up for warmth, that makes this our home. As do:
- chipping the wall with the end of the broom and cringing before realizing that it is our very own wall. Ours. No biggie.
- Taking extra care when hanging pictures and hooks in the wall, because now they are our walls, the very structures that hold us in and keep us safe. Don't need big, gaping holes in those. (Little nicks? That's OK. It means we've really been LIVING in here)
- Going through an illness that has you bedridden in jammies all day sipping tea. The first time I'm sick in my house always makes it feel like home.
- Baking breads and cakes in the kitchen. Cooking dinner? I can do that anywhere. But getting to know the nature of my oven, and feeling out a work space for whisking, mixing and rising? That happens in MY kitchen after making it home.
- Evening rituals: sweeping floors, watering flowers, turning off the lights one by one as I say goodnight to each room and hey, thanks for all the fun we had in here today. These little ceremonies make this house our home.
- Watching Abby run gleefully across a whole room's length just because she can, she's happy and she wants to. That makes this her home.
So, welcome home, to my little family. We're here.

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