Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finding our spot

Phew! Just like when you run into a good friend at the grocery store, knowing all to well that it's been far too long since you last spoke, I struggle to catch up and fit everything that's happened into one blog post. I'll try to keep the updates brief, get you up to speed, and then hope that we can make our visits a bit more regular so that the conversation has a chance to get into the good nitty-gritty things that make us think.
A few weeks ago, I was preparing for a big move into Whitehorse. Rich's transfer meant we bought our first home, and we had a lot of stuff-purging, things-cleaning and organizing that needed to be checked off my list before we planned to hit the Ross River highway one last time in early June.
The thing with plans, I've learned, is that they are a great excuse for the universe to laugh at me and then teach me a lesson.
In the second half of May, Rich's stomach pain-attacks in the middle of the night had become progressively more severe. We thought: ulcers? Nope. Bacteria? Nope. Heads were scratched until finally Rich's pain did not subside one night. He was flown out of Ross River on the MedEvac plane the next day. He stayed in the Whitehorse hospital overnight awaiting emergency surgery to have his gallbladder removed! I knew that I had to be there for him, even if there wasn't a lot I could do. I also knew that with the move coming up in just a short week or so, leaving tonight would mean never coming back.
I know it should have been an easy decision: Ross River had been my nemesis at the start, it was far from supplies, and Rich needed me. Faced with a few short hours in which to pack two weeks' worth of stuff for Abby and I, I was overwhelmed and panicked. I knew my list would not get finished. I would not get to say a proper goodbye to my favourite running trail, my friends, the view, the town. I struggled as I hurriedly tore through Abby's nursery, shoving little pink clothes into a suitcase. Turning off her light and saying goodbye to the room in which we brought her home from the hospital was surprisingly difficult and weepy. I became lightning: packing, shoving, stuffing and finally pulling out of the driveway with tears, saying one last goodbye to the house we brought Abby home to.
Rich's surgery was a bit delayed, but he eventually went in and came out scarred but recovering well. The theme of the next week was paperwork: Buying and acquiring possession of a house is a full-time job! Abby did not like appointments, which thankfully resulted in nice lawyers, bankers and insurance people working as fast as they could to shoo us out the door, signed papers in hand.
And now? Now, I sit taking a nice, deep sigh and a sip of tea in my very own, bought and paid-for kitchen. We have moved in, unpacked boxes, planted flowers, organized closets and cupboards and made our first home a livable space. The tasks of finishing touches and finally facing the pile of boxes and garbage in the garage now waits us. (I had really hoped a magic first-time home-buyers fairy would come and take all the garage mess away).
Goober has a perch by the front bay windows, and Skylar has a great big backyard in which to run and be silly. Abby lives near a great park and lots of friendly neighbourhood kids to play with. Rich's coworkers up here have been smiling, comforting faces who make us feel like this "big city" isn't so unfamiliar after all. And I have been loving the chance to scoot about in my new red car with Abby, checking out stores, parks and lakes all within a 20-minute drive!
I hope the novelty of it all sticks around for awhile and lets us keep living in this euphoric dream world of accomplishment, love and fun!


  1. Welcome to Whitehorse! We're going to have to have you guys over for supper some night - so I can return the invitation I wasn't able to take you up on when I was in RR.

  2. Wait, that's confusing. But if it means free food, I'm in!


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